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  • Before we start: I’ve been doing sites for quite a while, but admit I’m a rank beginner at WP.

    I just finished a small dog blog called — hosted on Linux, using WP 2.3.1 and it has apparently installed correctly with Fantastico, theme loaded in correctly. Had no difficulty filling in a few entries and tagging them.

    However, if I attempt to click on the Title of a given post, it does not go to a separate page containing that post. What settings have I forgotten?

    Also, I removed the tag cloud because clicking any of the tags also resulted in a 404. Occasionally a 404 with a 503 attached. How did I goof up there?

    Under General Options, Blog address (URL): when I set this to, the pages come up blank. If I set that back to its forwarded directory, no problem. The domain has been forwarded successfully from the registrar, and just typing it into any browser works fine.

    I’ll be grateful for any assistance on one or all three problems here. Thanks!

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