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    Hi, I’m currently trying to narrow down an issue I have with another plugin, so I deactivated WP Super Cache temporarily to see if this was causing the issue.

    When I reactivated WP Super Cache, a message appeared at the top of the screen saying something like “WP Super Cache has found an error in your config and fixed it”, I don’t remember the exact phrasing, but it was definitely something like “it has fixed an issue in your config”. It didn’t give the detail on what it had fixed, i.e. which config or in what file.

    However, when I then went to browse my site, every page except for the homepage gave a 404. Every internal link I clicked on my menu, every post I tried, all 404. Back in wp-admin, the plugin I was initially trying to troubleshoot gave an error message saying it couldn’t access the WP REST API.

    Luckily my web host has a “file rollback” feature, and when I used that to restore back to earlier today, this fixed it.

    Edit: when the site wasn’t working, I looked in various obvious files (.htaccess in the root of my WP installation, wp-config, wp-settings) and noticed in the .htaccess file, there was a “# BEGIN WPSuperCache” line followed immediately by the “# END WPSuperCache” line, which I thought was a bit odd. If I look in the file now post-restore, it has masses of config in this section, so it looks like deactivating WP Super Cache removed this but reactivating it didn’t add the config back in?

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  • Hi @qaws,

    It’s probably issue related to .htaccess file. It seems that WP didn’t refresh Rewrite Rules after reactivation. Easy fix: go to WP dashboard/Settings/Permalinks and just click on “Save Changes”.

    I can’t tell exact reason, but it could be conflict between plugins (not related to WPSC), server issue or possible issue in WP or WPSC. Anyway, flushing rewrite rules (saving permalink settings without any change) should refresh .htaccess.

    Hi, I’ve done as you suggested and this had made no difference. The .htaccess file still has nothing in the WP Super Cache section.

    As I’ve already written, I think that “Cache Delivery Method” is set to “Simple” instead of “Expert” after reactivation. Did you check it on WPSC Dashboard (Advanced)?
    If Expert method is already selected then you could update rewrite rules by click on “Update Rewrite Rules” (Advanced). It should fixes .htaccess.

    Thanks, clicking “Update Rewrite Rules” repopulated my .htaccess file.

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