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404 when installing

  • i get a weird error when installing

    i am running this file http://110mb.com/wp/wp-admin/install.php

    i know it says that there is no db info, but when i enter the CORRECT db info, i get a 404 instead of the install page, it is very weird like it is trying to include the wrong file and thefore getting a 404. ALL THE FILES are uploaded, several people have tried and the install.php and all required files are 100% definitly there. Note: i know this is a free host but i am running it under root its not limited by a free hosting panel

    im guessing its something wrong with my php/mysql config however other scripts work so it must be something specific to wordpress

    my phpinfo() file is here http://110mb.com/form.php

    if anyone could help that would be great, maby it is one of the disabled_functions in the php info file or because safemode is on?


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