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  • We are in the process of developing a new Toy Hire site (see here based on Woocommerce (Previously Jigoshop) and are having issues with our Permalink structure or maybe something else.

    Basically we want to organise all our Toys into Categories and maybe even subcategories, it will end up being similar to our original site (see here On that site we had Browse our Toys on the right hand side which would filter the output by category or brand or size, etc. This was done using tags, however there was no way to have the toys end up with a specific Permalink address, it was just based on the alphabetically lower tag.

    So for the problem with the categories on the woocommerce new site we have found a work around which involves making the “Product Category” Base different to the “Shop Base”. This results in the url looking like this:

    Sub Categories:

    Now that works absolutely fine and the products will be displayed but it makes the url structure very confusing and will not work to well once we enable the breadcrumbs plugin.

    What we want to have is the Shop Base and the Category Base to both use “toy-hire”. So the structure should look like below:

    Sub Categories:

    However this results in a 404 on the product page, also when using subcategories the URL structure drops the main category off like below:

    Notice the missing “dress-up-costumes” section after toy-hire.

    But even when putting products directly into a Category we still have the 404 issue, see the following example:


    Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated, I’ve been mucking around changing Permalink structures and different Shop Bases, as well as the “Shop Page Display” and “Default Category Display” on the Woocommerce Catalog page under settings. Currently these are set to:

    Shop Page Display Show Subcategories
    Default Category Display Show Products

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  • I have this same problem! Can you tell me how you solved this? All my products are 404 not found, but all the catalog pages and other misc. site files display.

    Hi Supah

    Just thought I would let you know that I have found a work around that suits my customers requirements. You can see on the dev site here: or once live here:

    Basically I have set a different Product category base to the main Shop Base page. i.e:

    Permalink Structure
    Product category base browse-toys
    Product permalink base /toy-hire/%product_cat%

    This would make my categories page show on the url however for some reason I can actually still get to the individual category pages e.g. by using the /toy-hire/ base (I’m guessing because I set the Product Permalink as that base).

    So what I’ve done is modified the Base Shop Page /toy-hire/ and just copied the HTML code from the /browse-toys/ page into it. Then on the WooCommerce Settings->Pages Tab I’ve just simply removed the Shop Base Page.

    It does mean that any modifications to the Categories has to be done manually however this shouldn’t be a big issue for most customers as the categories would generally be fairly static.

    If you would like any help with your setup you can find our details on our website

    Hi onecloud,

    Could you please explain what you meant by “So what I’ve done is modified the Base Shop Page /toy-hire/ and just copied the HTML code from the /browse-toys/ page into it.”

    How did you modify the Base Shop Page ?

    Thanks !

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