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  • I got a 404 when I opened the wp-admin/install.php initially. So, I followed the directions to edit the wp-config-sample.php file. I edited the file and uploaded it, but the install.php still gives a 404.

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  • Are you sure you have all wordpress files and folder uploaded to the desired location on server like root if you want or folder if you want

    I uploaded everything from the wordpress zip file. It is in a folder off the root:

    Can you provide a link to where you have uploaded WordPress so we can help you troubleshoot it further?

    if you uploaded wordpress as is in root then you need go to and the install program should open.
    When I go to wordpress/wp-admin/install.php, I get a 404.
    When I go to wordpress/, I get a 403.

    Do have wordpress in ksy01387 or root I mean along with this folder in root

    Looks like you have permission problem for your domain name as when I try go to this i am getting 403

    wordpress is in a folder called wordpress in ksy01387. This is personal webspace on my college’s server, so I only have access to

    looks like there is permission problem on your wordpress folder it should be 755 what do you have.

    In Filezilla, the permission fields are blank. When I tried to change everything in the wordpress folder to 755, they all came back 500 ‘SITE CHMOD 755 file_name’: command not understood

    You do not change everything contents of wordpress to 755 the folder that is wp-admin,wp-includes and wp-content needs to be 755 and all files need to be 644
    As you have wordpress folder in ksy01387 that needs to be 755

    Ok. I’ve tried to make the permission changes, but I get the command not understood for each one. So I guess my host does not allow permission changes. At least not using Filezilla.

    At this point you may need to talk to your college IT department that manages the server to help you troubleshoot the issue. See what they say and let us know!

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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