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  • I’m not sure what’s supposed to happen when I click on the “scroll” icon next to the number of referrers on any given 404, but clicking on it for me does nothing.

    It does, however, generate an error that I’m able to see in my console:

    Uncaught TypeError: Object function (b,g){var h=Element.Constructors[b];if(h){return h(g);}if(typeof b!="string"){return;}if(!g){g={};}if(!(/^[\w-]+$/).test(b)){var e=Slick.parse(b).expressions[0][0];
    b=(e.tag=="*")?"div":e.tag;if({;}var d=e.attributes;if(d){for(var a,f=0,c=d.length;f<c;f++){a=d[f];if(g[a.key]!=null){continue;
    }if(a.value!=null&&a.operator=="="){g[a.key]=a.value;}else{if(!a.value&&!a.operator){g[a.key]=true;}}}}if(e.classList&&g["class"]==null){g["class"]=e.classList.join(" ");
    }}return document.newElement(b,g);} has no method 'camelize'

    Unfortunately, this type of debugging is above my pay grade. Thanks for any help anyone can offer!

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