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    Is anyone else having problems with 404 pages no displaying, or is it just me?

    When I had 2.6.3 installed they worked fine, but since trying the 2.7 beta versions (I’m specifically on 2.7-beta2-9600 at the moment) when I browse to a page that doesn;t exist I just get a blank white browser – WP isn’t returning anything?

    Other than that, 2.7 is great so far! 🙂

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  • Yes I’m having this problem too, deffinately a 2.7 issue as I tested before/after the upgrade

    Still not working as of Beta 3

    I must be having the same issue – though until I saw it mentioned here it never crossed my mind that it could be the version I’m running. My localdev was on 2.7b2 (now b3 as of this morning) and 404 pages are not rendering properly. The theme layout/graphics show up, but no content.

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    Bizzare, works for me.

    Any PHP error messages in your error_log file?

    Ok this is probably a total noob question, but where/how do I view the error log file? Please keep laughter to a dull roar. 😉

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    Please keep laughter to a dull roar. 😉


    Just kidding 🙂 it’s not really a bad question. Is this your server or are you sharing space? On a Linux system the file is usually located around /var/log/apache2/error_log.

    I always use my own server but if it’s a shared server, try adding something like this to your .htaccess file:

    php_value log_errors = On
    php_value error_log = /your/home/directory/phperrors.log

    Make a backup of your .htaccess file before you change anything…

    I’m on a MT grid server. I see a folder called /logs, but I don’t think that’s right because there’s nothing called error_log. It’s filled with files named access_log_the-year-and-date.processed. Opening one of those shows me a document brimming with info I don’t really know how to interpret – but looks to be mostly a listing of every post I’ve ever written on my blog. I think I’m over my head on this one but thanks for trying!

    As for the 404 problem… oddly enough my live site is serving a 404 as would normally be expected. My local dev is not. Both are running v2.7. I thought maybe there was an issue with localhost so I uploaded the theme to a live “lab” installation (also 2.7). It’s not working there either. Could it be a theme issue and not actually the version of WP?

    On all 2.7 versions is currently working like so for me:

    Messes up the 404

    Returns a correct 404

    Returns a correct 404

    Is not a theme issue as I’ve checked it on multiple themes now

    The problem is that WordPress thinks it’s a category as it’s defaulting to the Archive page by the looks of it

    404s are working correctly for me at current svn.

    What theme are you running, and are you using pretty permalinks?

    svn rev 9762, pretty permalinks, with either classic or default both give a reasonable error page. Neither produces a blank page.

    Maybe a plugin or php issue?

    I have a problem that similar with this problem. I was upgrading my WP 2.6.3 to 2.7 beta 3. After I was login and enter my user and password, I bring to 404 page. I am using permalink
    Anyone can help me?

    I have a fresh install of beta 3 and my permalinks work fine.

    .. and my 404s work fine too.

    Unfortunately, 2.7b3 did not work well for me. I was upgrading it from version 2.6.3. So, when I type in my address bar, it’s work. But when I want to login to my Dashboard, it give me a 404 page. Can I downgrade it to 2.6.3 again?
    I upgrade it with remove my wp-admin and wp-include folder and then I copy the 2.7 beta 3 to my public_html to replace the old one.

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