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  • Hello there,

    I created a plugin to upload CSV and create multiples products/varations from the back office.

    Our products files contains 15 products for each product we have 60 combinations.
    Every products/combinations are created in French and English.

    When I arrive around 15 product inserted, the upload page goes in 404 page :

    Do u know with ?

    In the plugin, Im using a simple PHP form.

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  • You give too little information here for anyone to really be able to respond.
    If you’re using a custom plugin, then it might be useful to share the relevant part of the code, for instance.

    A couple of general notes:

    A security update to WordPress some 4-5 months ago put additional limitations on what file types are allowed to be uploaded by default. I think CSV was one of the formats that got excluded for security reasons. There are plugins/code samples that can add additional mime-types.

    If you’re the only one who would upload these files, perhaps you could do it via ftp instead? Or rename the file to .txt… After all, it IS a text file, just with some additional constraints on the contents.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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