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  • was talking with a client this morning and asked him his thoughts on my new eNewsletter, he mentioned that he hadn’t seen it yet. So he checked his spam/junk folder and it’s not there, so we thought we would have him unsubscribe, then resubscribe, only thing is; the unsubscribe/subscribe button/form goes to a 404 “the page you were looking for has disappeared” page

    No idea where to event look to see way that is happening… thoughts?

    the form can be found at the bottom left of the website page http:/

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  • Hey there,

    Thanks for writing in! I went ahead and tested the subscription process on my end and was able to successfully use the sign up form in both Chrome and Firefox. Can you confirm the step-by-step process you’re using that generates the 404 page on the subscribe process?

    Currently the unsubscribe link does appear to be resulting in a 404 page. In taking a look at the URL it’s pointing to, it appears that something may be incorrect about the way that link is being generated, which is causing that incorrect link to happen. To confirm, what version of the plugin are you currently using? Also, have any changes been made to the plugin’s code itself?

    One option you may consider is to try disconnecting, then reconneting the plugin. To do that, log into your WordPress admin area, then go to Plugins > Installed Plugins > MailChimp > Settings. From there, click the log out button, which will disconnect your MailChimp account with the plugin. Then, reconnect your account and re-select your list. After making these changes, then try using both the subscribe and unsubscribe process again, to see if the issue’s been resolved.

    If you have any further questions, ket us know!


    not sure what browser he was using, I use Firefox
    using Version 1.2.13

    filling in the required fields and clicking the subscribe or unsubscribe button resulted in a 404 error.

    Disconnect and then reconnected the plugin seems to have fixed it…

    Ah okay, glad to hear that resolved the issue. It’s possible that something may have been changed in the MailChimp account which disrupted the synchronization with the plugin settings.

    I went ahead and tested the sign up form on my end using Firefox 19.0.2 and both the subscribe button and the unsubscribe link are working as expected for me.

    If you continue to see issues, feel free to write us back, and if you could also provide me with the URL’s that you’re being taken to which results in the 404 page, that would be helpful as well!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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