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  • I’m at a loss here. My WordPress blog runs fine on my Windows/IIS server with the standard set of ISAPI_Rewrite rules (Articulate Blog).

    The big problem I have now, though, is that my 404 page in my blog simply doesn’t work, even though 404.php exists in my custom theme (under \wp-content\themes\<theme name>). As you can see from the below, it simply returns a page that looks like no search results were found:

    The difference, though, is that it’s really NOT the “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria” page. Compare the above with this:

    This is really important for me to get fixed both because it would be great to have a 404 display when it should (as the rest of my site does), but also because I have a Google Mini, and it’s indexing non-existent pages under my /blog directory since WordPress is not properly returning the 404 page, and thus, a header status code of 404.

    So if I can get the actual 404 page to return properly, adding the PHP code to return the proper status code is easy enough:

    <?php header("HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found"); ?>

    I’ve also posted a comment on a related blog post here.

    I’m running Windows Server 2003.

    Do I need to add a new rewrite rule to account for 404s?? Make some change in WordPress? I’m leaning toward this being a WP issue since Helicon Tech says the 404 is not specified in ISAPI_Rewrite rules and I have 404 error handling for non-WordPress content specified correctly in IIS, so that leaves WP.

    Any suggestions??

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Plugin that solves this issue:

    I’ve been using it for several weeks now with great success.


    This plug-in does not work with WordPress 2.2. If used with firefox, an error message appears stating that the request can’t ever be finished.

    It would be a great benefit if someone could come up with a definitive doc on how to get the SEO friendly permalinks working.

    Hi dolemite

    I have updated the plugin to version 0.2, so it now can handle a static frontpage.

    If the updated version doesn’t solve your problem, then post your permalink-structure, and I will try to re-produce your problem


    I tried Permalink Validator v0.3 on WordPress 2.2 with IIS Mod-Rewrite pro and Clean Permalinks and everything worked perfect!

    The same version of the plugin I’m using on WP 2.1 (Permalink Validator 0.1) also works fine for me on WP 2.2.

    The problem is that permalink validator serves a shiny page that SAYS it is a 404, but when testing the server header, it is actually showing a 200 OK code to the engines. It can say 404 to the user all it wants, but unless it serves a 404 code to the engines as well, it doesn’t work 100% – anyone know how to fix? Version 2.2.2

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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