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  • Hello,
    please help, i cannot login to my dashboard and also website is showing 404.

    Thanks for any help

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • DJ


    Hi mateo21530,

    Can you provide some more details? Did you have WordPress installed and were you able to successfully log in previously?

    Have you made any recemt changes just prior to getting the 404?

    Also, have you checked with your web hosting company? There are many reasons for 404 errors, but more info would be helpful to give you the best advice.

    Hello DJ, I have the exact same problem. In my case, I previously installed WP and was using the administrative console without any issues.

    Now when I go to my website domain, the website/wp-admin link throws a 404 error. This is where I would have logged in previously to make site changes. I thought that perhaps the login URL changed somehow, but I am not seeing that to be the case elsewhere in the support blogs.

    I did notice recently that I received a notification that my site automatically updated to WordPress 5.6.6, I am not sure if this is the root cause. My site is hosted with GoDaddy and I am not aware of any changes on their side.

    Any troubleshooting thoughts are appreciated.


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    Hi Dave,

    There are a few reasons that could be happening, and ways to fix them. First, the latest version of WP is 5.8.2, so it should be updated past 5.6.6 as soon as you can get into your Admin panel. Here are some things to try:

    1. Check with GoDaddy support. They can likely diagnose and resolve the issue for you. If you’d rather try it on your own, try:

    2. It could be a plugin conflict. If you can FTP into your site, go to wp-content folder. Change the Plugins folder name to something like Plugins-2. See if that resolves it.

    3. Delete the .htaccess file. It’s a hidden file in your main WP directory, so you’ll need to select View Hidden Files in whatever FTP app you’re using.

    4. Look at your wp-config file (download the file first as a backup). Paste this code in that file:


    Fill in the correct URL for your site.

    Clear your cache and cookies and try wp-admin again.

    Thank you for the advice, DJ. I spoke to the tech team at GoDaddy today and they figured things out pretty quickly. My issue was due to a plug0in conflict, as you surmised.

    I appreciate your support, have a great holiday!




    That’s great, Dave. Happy to help and glad they resolved it for you!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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