• OkorieWare


    In browser Network Logs, you will see that it requests a root file “/none” and fails with 404 Not Found

    Stack Trace…

    update       /wp-content/plugins/cmp-coming-soon-maintenance/themes/construct/paraxify.min.js:1:850
    _init        /wp-content/plugins/cmp-coming-soon-maintenance/themes/construct/paraxify.min.js:1:916
    s            /wp-content/plugins/cmp-coming-soon-maintenance/themes/construct/paraxify.min.js:1:545
    o            /wp-content/plugins/cmp-coming-soon-maintenance/themes/construct/paraxify.min.js:1:2287
    <anonymous>  /:78:34
    (Async: setTimeout handler)
    <anonymous>  /:76:27
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  • Plugin Author Ales


    Hello, what is your website URL so I can check?

    Thanks Ales

    Thread Starter OkorieWare


    Sorry for the delay.
    My website is OkorieWare.

    Plugin Author Ales


    Hi, I checked your website, script is loaded correctly, but your content is too small, and paraxify does not work on bigger screens.

    That 404 is caused by that and it is harmless.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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