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    I apologise if this is pretty basic but I’m new to WordPress and stumped. My blog is at and everythin is fine until you want to comment on a post. The page then displays the ‘No User Commented On’ text, followed by two ‘The Web page cannot be found’ error messages before showing the ‘Leave A Reply’ box.

    ANy ideas as to how I can rid of the ‘Web Page Cannot be found’ messages?

    Thanks very much.


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  • After a full days reading and tweaking I think this is something to do with permalinks and file permissions on my server. I have access to the server but still cant make this work. Can anyone help please?

    OK, after more than a day of messing about with this I’ve sorted this out and am posting this reponse in case it helps anyone else.

    The problem was that I had used a theme that was Google adsense enabled. In other words the author had included a java script to show google adverts above any comments left on a post. If you have an account then fine, you can show your ads, if not heres what I did:

    Opened the Comments php page in notepad and found the two Javascripts. Deleted both and reloaded the page. Problem solved.

    I hope this helps someone.


    Okay, so when I turn off custom Permalinks (%postname%) the comments work, however I don’t see any Java scripts in the comments.php… although perhaps I don’t know what to look for.

    Would it start with <script>? I don’t see anything.

    Thanks in advance.

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