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    I have some massive spam link issues on my shared wp site which made me to try your plugin.

    Each 404 URL I forward to a /404.html page NOT inside wordpress. It’s a bit tedious because I can only do the forward for 25 URLs at the time – and my site is hammered by 404 and slowed down a lot. So far I forwarded about 1500.
    Is there a way to forward ANY 404 automatically?

    Anyway, one issue – the count in the 404 log fluctuates depending how I sort or when I go to the next page. All redirects I delete – and still there are links that go already to the redirect page. Might be due to server load.

    Some instruction how to make Apache/htaccess work on a shared server would be very helpful.

    Just now I saw 39 items on page 1. I go to page 2 and see no items, but number is 6 displayed, and no option to go back to page 1.

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  • Plugin Author John Godley


    What do you mean by spam link issues?

    I don’t think redirecting 404s is really going to solve anything here. It’s not a scaleable solution, it doesn’t stop the problem, and you will just spend a lot of time and effort doing so. It’s not something I’ve ever had to do.

    In the context of your site being hammered, how many requests a second are we talking? One, ten, a hundred? Are they from the same IP address? Do the URLs follow a pattern? How do you know these are slowing your site down? How do you know the requested URLs are 404s?

    A 404 should add no more additional load than a standard page request. If your host is unable to perform at a certain number of requests then changing hosts may be worth looking into. You could also look at whether any plugins are slowing down each request, and whether your host can block or throttle certain requests.

    Using a caching system will help much more than redirecting 404s.

    Some instruction how to make Apache/htaccess work on a shared server

    Details of how to use the plugin with Apache can be found here:

    I cannot say how to export on your particular host as it is specific to your host.

    Just now I saw 39 items on page 1. I go to page 2 and see no items, but number is 6 displayed, and no option to go back to page 1.

    I don’t really understand what you mean there. There are no reported issues with log counts at the moment, so can you explain exactly how to reproduce the problem?

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    Thanks for the fast reply. I didn’t monitor one site for 2 weeks or and had suddenly 20000+ users and 30000+ posts – and getting plenty of hits on those SPAM posts.

    The hits come from bots. So they have nothing in common. Always new IP, different user agent etc. Hit count is not so high, but it’s a low performance server I guess.

    It looks like that the 404 logs takes a Minute or so to update. But anyway, for now it’s ok. Not very efficient though. Looks like most SPAM post hits are one time hits, not so much activity in the Log yet.

    Need to study your links.

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    Just an update on the 404 log. I start with Dashboard > Tools > Redirection > 404s

    I see when I go page to page in the 404s log (focus on total count):
    160 items, 1/7 pages
    129 items, 2/6
    160 items, 3/7
    228 items, 4/10
    228 items, 5/10
    186 items, 6/8
    186 items, 7/8
    118 items, 8/5 (none displays)

    Count in redirection_404 is 126

    Just going page to page and no actions.

    Actually a SQL command would come in very handy 😉

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    Plugin Author John Godley


    You allow people to create accounts and create posts on the site? That seems like an open invitation to spam the site.

    I am unable to reproduce the paging problem, and there are no other reported issues with the 404 page. This seems specific to your site and your database setup and may be a result of the load.

    The 404 log updates immediately, not after a few minutes. However, the speed is determined by your site and MySQL, not the plugin.

    If your site is under load then I would disable logging.

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    I think that site might have some serious internal damage beyond repair. Most likely because of the user and post removal vial SQL. Thinking of moving posts and pages to a nginx host (but start with a new DB) and let nginx deal with the 404s.

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    Most things fixed. One improvement suggested:

    Problem: Only 25 items/errors are displayed. This makes redirecting slow if you have a lot.

    Solution: Allow users to change the number of items displayed to 50/100/250/ or so.

    A minor change I guess.

    Plugin Author John Godley


    You can change the number from the dropdown in the top right.

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