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  • I would love to get a second set of eyes on this weird one.

    I was getting a 404 error when publishing a post on a working install of 3.1.2. I immediately:

    1. Disabled all plugins
    2. Deactivated my one Child theme, to Twentten
    3. Removed any posts in the trash
    4. The content was emailed to me, so I copied it into Text Wrangler, recopied, and pasted it back into the post field.
    5.Then tired to put that text into other installs of WP I keep around just for these occasions, a 3.0 version and another 3.1.2.
    6. Updated permalinks, restored, killed the .htaccess, then reinstalled it.
    7. Killed any related revisions in the Db

    No change, still getting the 404.

    Has to be my server, Db, or the content?
    I’ll go with content first…

    I tired putting the content directly in the Db, where a draft version was saved. When I looked at the draft in the WP admin I could see it, but when I hit publish, I got the 404 again.

    So I tried again with entering the content into the post field, but this time started to put the post togther paragraph by paragrph and SHAZAM!, no 404. BUT ….I got down to this sentence:

    From this the band has received very positive critical blog reviews

    <b>Well no positive love from me… cause that line gave me THE 404 again.</b>

    When I remove the word “From”, I no longer got the 404.
    The word from is in other places in the content,but is not causing the issue… I played around with periods and capitals. Fun on a Thursday night.

    It is just that one instance on the page, I can delete it, with the white space, the period, no 404, I type it back in, epic fail.

    So other then buying a synonym dictionary.

    What manner of witch craft is at play here?
    Here is a screen cast:

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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