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  • The plugin author has hardcoded the URL of the calendar of events into the plugin, that being http://[yoursite]/events . That’s bad enough, but then the URL doesn’t work.

    I tested with permalinks on, off, and on with all possible permutations. The site didn’t already have an Events page or category.

    I saw support complaints of this from over a year ago, but the plugin author said he can’t reproduce the problem.

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  • Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey iamPariah! Thanks for this review – I head up the Support team at Modern Tribe and am always watching for feedback here at dot-org. It is definitely a bummer to see a 1-star review like this come through, especially since best I can tell there is something else at play with your install – if the /events page didn’t work for everyone by default we’d have a fairly useless plugin 🙂 But I wanted to apologize on behalf of the whole team for your poor experience and to thank you for this feedback. We take it seriously.

    Out of curiosity, and the lack of a functional URL not withstanding: what’s the downside in your eyes of having the calendar live at /events? (It’s worth noting that this slug is actually not hardcoded; it can be changed under the event settings to whatever URL you view appropriate). Is there a better implementation you’ve seen out there? We originally devised that /events URL based on feedback from the community when we were building out earlier versions of the plugin, but if there’s an example or ideal you’ve seen that you think would make this plugin more useful to you, we’d love to hear it. Ultimately we built this plugin to serve end users like yourself – and if it’s not serving that purpose, we’ve failed you.

    Getting to the 404 error: while it’d be interesting to see some of the reports you’re referencing, the reality is that a lot of these 404 errors are the byproducts of different problems – though they all appear similar in the sense that they’re rendering an error on the frontend, there is a range of issues (from plugin conflicts to unflushed permalinks) that can cause them. Looking through your threads here at I don’t actually see a thread you’ve created related to this problem, but if there’s one that provides some context I’d be happy to have the team check it out. (My first suggestion would be to make sure there aren’t any conflicting plugins installed, and that the URL works when you change to a slug that isn’t ‘events’). Without a thread to reference my replies here are largely speculative. But though we’ve made a lot of stability improvements over the past few releases – I’d say a substantial amount since the threads you’re referencing from a year + ago – at the end of the day we admittedly are shooting in the dark when it comes to troubleshooting problems reported by the community that we’re unable to recreate in our fairly stock test environment.

    All that to say: sorry we let you down. Were there other concerns you had that also brought your review down? Normally when users give a 1-star review it’s the byproduct of a handful of complaints, not just one, so if there are other points you found disappointing I’d love to hear those – so we could either address them outright, or get those limitations noted prominently on the product page so users like yourself don’t waste their time downloading a solution that isn’t right for them.

    I do wish you the best of luck in finding another solution that better meets your needs, and hope sometime down the road we can get back in your good graces and hopefully earn a higher review. Until then thanks again for your feedback.

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