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  • Ok help. How do I restore links categories, recent posts for which I now only get a 404?

    I surrender to at one least boo-boo, but wait up!

    All was getting on just fine and well then whoia! whoia! I’d over-extended myself on my disk space allowance – Ah shush!

    Well I just didn’t know that was a-comin but I fixed it. I just don’t even know if extension or fix or something else is at 404.

    The fix? I deleted old files and some folders from server. No, no, I swear I didn’t touch “wordpress.”

    I reversed over-extension, whew! But lately afterwards I see a click on a category or more or on recent posts both IE, Firefox and everything producing 404 404 404 everywhere.

    Help! I’ve already whopped myself good and only now seeking how restore, if possible.

    Is it?

    That’s all and thanks.

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  • Reset your permalinks to default. Then start reading:

    Moshu, thanks. I hadn’t seen your reply before the following occurred.

    On my way to find another thing I poked into “permalinks.” Now, I knew that at set up I’d changed from “default” to “date and name based” but my 404’s were NOT in a format …blog/numbers/words/

    My 404s were reporting format blog/words/…

    Since “numeric option” showed format blog/words/…., and it was the only “common option” of that format, guess what I picked?

    Lo and behold, no more 404!

    Which is when I came and buck up into you and “Using_Permalinks.”

    Well, I read and I read and I read some more. Yet still I don’t have a clue what caused 404s.

    Of course I set things back to default and as of yet, still no 404s!

    Thanks very much. Yet I wonder what I may have done to trip on 404.


    I just had this problem – I fixed it by reuploading my htacess file. I must have overwritten it when upgrading.


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