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    Looks like the 404 error is a permalinks issue. When I specify a custom structure, the links to the events posts become broken. However, when leaving the setting to default, everything works fine.

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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    hi, i tested it just now with /%category%/%postname%/ but no problems for me.

    one common issue is that the events page hasn’t been selected from Events > Settings > Events Page. Just thought of another thing, did you try to de/reactivate the plugin?

    Yes, I tried deactivating and uninstalling the plugin and clearing the database entries. I reverted to the 3.0.98 version as recommended by Dave on the support forum and everything appears to be working fine.

    i misread your post a little, thought you meant custom permalink structures, i think u mean turning it on or off? if its not working with permalinks it’s probably because things didn’t update properly (see plugin site, recent post with update waltkthrough.

    I followed the upgrade walkthrough completely, and experienced the exact same issue. All of the permalinks to my events stopped working when I updated to 4.0.2; leading to a 404 page, instead.

    I believe I found the cause of the issue and I found a temporary work-around.

    In my case, my “events” page was 3 levels deep in my site structure. I have a News Room page, which has an “Events” page as a child, then has my “Event Details” page (which is the page I have set as my events page in the Events Manager plugin settings) as a child of that.

    When I moved the “Event Details” page to the top of the site structure (so it doesn’t have any parent pages), the permalinks started working properly.

    EDIT – I just updated to 4.0.3 and the issue still exists. I also tried testing with my “Event Details” page as a 2nd-level page; and the 404 errors persisted. The only way the permalinks seem to work is if the “Events” page is a top-level page on the site.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    nicely spotted. I’m able to duplicate the error. Will try to fix this asap.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    think i got it. does this work:

    replace classes/em-permalinks.php line 122 with:

    $events_slug = str_replace(trailingslashit(get_bloginfo('wpurl')),'', get_permalink($events_page->ID));
    				$events_slug = preg_replace('/\/$/','',$events_slug);

    and resave your custom permalink structure (normal wp settings) to trigger the permalink rule flush

    Moving the page to be at parent level resolved the issue. However, that’s not going to work for people who need to have the page as a child.

    Marcus, did you mean line 243?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    nope, 122 should solve the issue with child levels. should make it into a version within a day or two

    Could someone tell me how I work out which is line 122?

    I tried the edit mentioned above and crashed the entire site. I’d like another go but I’m not sure how to know I’m replace the correct line. (122)


    Dave – Marcus was saying to find the following line in your events-manager/classes/em-permalinks.php folder:

    $events_slug = $events_page->post_name;

    and replace it with the code he provided above.

    Marcus – I just tried it, and still can’t seem to get it to work. I tested with my “Events” page as a 3rd-level page and as a 2nd-level page; I refreshed my permalinks, etc.; and I’m still getting 404 errors for my events when the “Events” page is not a top-level page on the site.

    Thanks Curtiss. Still couldn’t get that to work. I ended up using an ftp solution and switched out the classes/em-permalinks.php with a new one EM team sent me. it works now but there are still a few bugs i’m working on. 4:20 am here, going to sleep and work on it tomorrow.


    Plugin Author Marcus


    Hey Curtiss, does 4.0.4 fix it? It fixes it for a lot or ppl inc. Dave (and all my tests) I made a vid (on the plugin site, latest post)

    If not, take a look at the /em-events.php file and around line 14, you’ll see some commmented code.

    if you move the /* to just above the line with
    echo "<h2>WP_QUERY</h2>";

    and check your events list. if you can send me the output of that and and details about your structure (or screenshots) that’d help. you can post it to the contact form on the site

    I will update this evening and try it out. I’ll let you know either way. Thanks for your quick response.

    Sadly, 4.0.4 actually seemed to break the event permalinks altogether for me (whether it’s a top-level page or not). I reverted to 4.0.3 for now.

    I have submitted the output from on your contact form. Thanks.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    ok, working with Curtiss to try and fix this. note that this issue is limited to a certain spectrum of users, and I’ve not managed to pin it on one specific cause now.

    I’ve noticed two patterns that others could comment on if similar on theirs:

    1. does your permalink structure start with index.php/…
    2. your wp-admin, wp-content, etc. files are not all in one folder
    3. windows servers maybe, possibly IIS (wamp is ok)?
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