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  • Resolved MarkRH


    Actually using version 2.2.1

    I have my permalinks set to look like:

    Clicking on the link and browsing around the blog all works fine, no errors show up. But.. I get 404 errors showing up in the apache error log because /2007/06/29/nascar-crashes is trying to be accessed which doesn’t exist and I can’t find any clickable links like this. Almost seems like it’s something in the back ground because the referrer is blank but the IP address is mine and the server’s, probably cause those are the two that hit it the most.

    Anyone have any ideas or seen this behavior before? I searched the forum but nothing was specific to this symptom.

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  • Well.. on further inspection, I don’t think it has anything to do with the blog but my XML parsing script that shows the contents within my main website.

    Solved.. it was my XML parser script.. a missing “\” caused the comment feed link to be split in the wrong spot. I was spliting with “.com” instead of “\.com” which caused it to split at the word “compilation” in the link. LOL.. geez.

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