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    After I changed my permalinks to pretty ( the WP SmartSort-addon won’t do the job.

    When you enter a category or tag page the default sort works, but when you try to change to another sort option from the drop down list, the url will change to and you get an 404 error.

    Anyone know a solution? 🙂

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  • Same problem here… any luck?

    Nope, not yet. Still hoping!

    Yeah it works on default permalinks, but not SEO friendly ones. A fix would be nice…

    Yup. Tried to look into it myself, but not to experienced.

    If anyone could make a fix for me (and others), take contact.
    I am willing to make a donation/pay a minor fee for it.

    I found a solution!
    Using the following code, you can keep your current “fancy” permalinks, but let wp-smart-sort use “ugly” ones.

    1. Open /wp-content/plugins/wp-smart-sort/wp-smart-sort.php
    2. Go to line 257 and find:

    if ($this->ss_use_permalinks()) {
                        $option['asclink'] = $this->ss_get_current_context_url() . 'sort/' . $option['nicekey'] . '-asc/';
                        $option['desclink'] = $this->ss_get_current_context_url() . 'sort/' . $option['nicekey'] . '-desc/';

    3. Replace with:

    if ($this->ss_use_permalinks()) {
                        $url = parse_url($this->ss_get_current_context_url());
                        $url = $url['scheme'] . "://" . $url['host'] . $url['path'] . "?" . $url['query'];
                        $option['asclink'] = $url . '&ssort=' . $option['nicekey'] . '&sdir=asc';
                        $option['desclink'] = $url . '&ssort=' . $option['nicekey'] . '&sdir=desc';

    Example URL output:

    It’s not perfect, as the plugin still doesn’t generate “fancy” links, but you can at least get it to work again on your website.

    Cheers mate!

    It’s working, more than good enough! Thanks alot! *hugs* 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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