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  • Hi,

    I am currently experiencing CSS loading issues with the Litespeed Cache plugin.

    It seems to have cached the path to a specific CSS file (combined CSS file) which doesn’t exist anymore.

    In the browser console (Firefox & Chrome) it gives me a 404 error for the CSS file.

    As per your documentation (, I’ve appended /?LSCWP_CTRL=before_optm to the website URL and then the website loads as intended.

    When I then purge the cache the website loads again like normal.

    Here are screenshots of the website and browser console:
    Browser Console:

    I’ve submitted a report to Litespeed. Here is the report number:
    Report number: RJLFNJHL

    Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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  • Plugin Support qtwrk





    this package contains 3 modified files with more debug log enabled , for v4.3 only.

    please replace them into /wp-content/plugins/litespeed-cache/src/ to override exsiting files

    now edit wp-config.php

    find line

    define('WP_DEBUG', false);

    add ; in front it to comment it out , then add

    define('WP_DEBUG', true);
    define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);

    after it

    and then go to wp-admin -> LSCWP -> toolbox -> debug setting

    set debug log to admin IP only and add your IP in below box

    in “Debug URI Excludes” field ,add


    into it , save and purge all

    and then wait for it happens again

    once it happens , please send /wp-content/debug.log and PHP error log (typically located /public_html/error_log on cPanel) to support at with reference link to this topic

    after that, please undo the change in the wp-config.php


    if you want to get old version , you can get the files here , at bottom of the page, you can choose the version , but it is not recommended to downgrade

    Best regards,

    Plugin Support qtwrk


    thanks , we will be waiting for you

    Thread Starter michaelsmartmove


    @qtwrk Thanks a lot for confirming that the isse exists and that it is being worked on.

    I just wanted to find out, if you still need me to send the debug.log and error_log to Litespeed Support?

    Do you maybe an estimate on when we can expect an update, as I have quite a few clients that run on Litespeed

    Plugin Support qtwrk



    thanks, if you have them or can generate them , then it is great , and please send to support at with reference link to this topic

    we have some idea about it already and are working on it , I don’t really have a timing for it right now , but I certainly want it to happen as soon as possible

    Best regards,

    Plugin Support qtwrk



    there is a patch for combined files 404 error in v4.4-rc4 , please upgrade to it and see how it goes

    you can get it in toolbox -> beta test -> click “dev” and upgrade

    Best regards,

    Thread Starter michaelsmartmove


    Hi @qtwrk,

    Thanks a lot for letting me know about the patch. I will implement it on the websites and will let you know what it does.

    Thread Starter michaelsmartmove


    @qtwrk Yesterday I’ve updated all my WordPress websites, as there was a update notification for LiteSpeed Cache 4.4 and then I also adjusted the LiteSpeed settings to what I need them to be. This morning the websites started to break again.

    I’ve send an email to LiteSpeed support with the Report number and a link to this thread.

    Plugin Support qtwrk


    if you still have that issue, please submit a ticket to our system , we will investigate it further

    Best regards,

    Thread Starter michaelsmartmove


    @qtwrk I am already in contact with your support team. Hopefully we can sort it out.

    Plugin Support Hai Zheng⚡


    This is fixed in v4.4 version. Latest beta test both dev and master are v4.4 already. Please try this version which will get released tomorrow.

    Hi @qtwrk @hailite

    I updated the plugin to 4.4.

    After 1 hour it broke again. The Js was giving a 404 error.

    Please check!! Thank You!!

    Plugin Support qtwrk



    for whom still have issue with v4.4

    please create a ticket in our system , we will investigate it further.

    Best regards,

    Plugin Support usabe


    @rayken & all

    Hai just gave it a fix in the latest dev version v4.4.1-a1.

    If possible please give it a try to see with this new version if you will encounter the 404 again. Please remember to Purge All and Purge All – CSS/JS Cache after upgrading just to double confirm and make sure we start from a clean point.

    @michaelsmartmove For your site and server please do not upgrade to this one at this moment. Tomorrow I will update the debugging code accordingly and deploy to yours for continuous monitoring.

    Best regards,

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    If you are not the person who started this topic and if you need support then per the forum guidelines please start your own topic.

    You can do so here.

    I have archived many replies as this topic ran out of control and was no longer helping the original poster who reported the problem.

    Start your own topics, that’s how the forums work here. If that does not work for you then use the link the developer provided and consider submitting a ticket on their site instead.

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