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    Hi everyone,

    Firstly let me say I know there’s another post a few below this one with the same problem. Why start a new one?


    I am totally new to all this, I have been struggling to even get this all set up at all, but I have managed to get WordPress working on my localhost. I am using WAMP, and as far as I know as a beginner everything is ok.

    Except that I get 404 error whenever I make a new page. (the default setting on permalinks is the only one that works)

    I started a new thread because the one below, talking about htaccess and rewrites is completely above my head. I don’t even know what they are… Sorry.

    So, the good news is this seems to be a common problem, the bad news is I need spoon feeding info on how to fix it. I don’t mind learning some new stuff along the way (of course I have to know ‘what’ to learn) so please direct me to other documents if you think it may help me overall.

    Thanks for helping a newb out.


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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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