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    Hi again-

    1. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but when I click on a badge (or even click on “view” from the badge posting itself), I get a 404-type of error.

    Here is my “Awards” page (worth noting, also, the “type” is required in the shortcode like others have had to do):

    When you click on any of the awards, I get an error:

    I’ve gone through all the settings I can think of on the individual pages and in general, but I guess I must be missing something. Any thoughts on this?

    2a. Also, is there a way to sort the list of awards, such as alphabetically? I have so many, and they aren’t in the order I want (or in the order I created them).

    2b. Even better, would be a way to categorize them (such as Film, TV, and Community) without needing to award badges at the higher levels (which, if I understand your video correctly, is what would need to happen).

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

    Thanks so much!

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  • Annnd, I have no idea why, but the individual pages seem to be working now. I swear that I haven’t done anything. No clue!

    The other questions would still be helpful, though. 🙂

    Sorry zanzaboonda, this one slipped through me somehow.

    Chances are you needed to refresh your permalink rewrite rules, since I wager you set those before you installed and activated the BadgeOS plugin.

    I do not believe there is a sorting method built in right now, however, I will suggest it as an enhancement for a future release.

    I’m not going to be able to give super in-depth support for this one, but since all of the achievement types are custom post types, you could use register_taxonomy_for_object_type() to attach custom taxonomies to them, and then use something like WP_Query() to do custom queries and displays, better fitting to your needs.

    Plugin Author Brad Williams



    How did you solve this? I am experiencing the same behavior.

    Which part yendi? The original thread author had many parts to her list of issues.

    The 404 error… I’ve already edited the permalink structure, with no luck. Check the site: (shows levels) but when you click on a particular achievement… 404.

    Curious about your permalinks coming through for your achievements.

    Specifically the p.php part. Is that something custom going on?

    Yes, I had the blog in a Windows server, and due to server limitations I had to put that. Now, I’m in Linux, but I can’t change permalink structure because I don’t want to loose statistics. I am investigating the best way to be able to do so, but in the mean time, I need my site to work as is.

    I have several custom post types (LMS courses, recipes, testimonials)and I don’t have a problem with any of those.

    I know it’s going to sound simple, but it’s had times where it has worked in the past for others.

    Simply visit your permalinks page and hit save. Don’t change any settings. It may be a case of the permalink rules needing refreshed to accommodate for the BadgeOS achievements, which are custom post types underneath.

    I have already done that… several times now… :/

    Do you have any development copy of the site that you can test anything on? I’m curious if the badge achievements would work just fine with permalinks turned off. I’m still really wondering about that p.php in the url and if it’s throwing things for a loop. I’m also hesitant to request you to do too much futzing around on a live site anyway.

    This is my dev site, actually. The live one is… which is getting an extreme makeover. So, I can move things here a bit.

    Something I noticed is when I explore badges it works, see here:
    and if I click on the breadcrumbs, they work all fine, both back and forth.

    This page I told you ( is a page, with the following shortcode: [badgeos_achievements_list type=”level” limit=20]

    Same happens with the Quests page:

    Perhaps something in the short code structure is off?

    Mmh… I think I know what it is…

    When I translated Levels to Niveles on Achievement Types, all level badges disappeared. If I look at the table (on edit.php?post_type=nivel) it is empty. There are no badges left! However, the shortcode of the page references LEVEL, not nivel (as translated by me)
    [badgeos_achievements_list type=”level” limit=20], so therefore it shows the badgers created under the type LEVEL.

    If I change the list type to “nivel” and create a new badge, now it works. See here:

    So I guess I need to enter the database, and change level to nivel to get my badges back 🙂

    That makes sense. The slugs, which is what users will use with things like the shortcode, are important pieces of the content. Each achievement is technically a WordPress custom post type. With BadgeOS though, that’s slightly tricky because we grab the intended slug from the name used to register the achievement.

    Regardless, that’s a good catch by you for what’s going on. Good eye! Glad we got this figured out 🙂

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