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    I’m trying to set up a site at that has some Pages appear in the main directory ( .com/) and Posts in a sub-directory ( .com/blog/). All of the links that WordPress generates on the sidebar are ‘correct’, in that they follow the structure I want, but any time I try to view a Post by itself, I get a 404 error. For example, the sidebar links to “/blog/tests/satoract/”, which is what I want, but the Post itself seems not to be accessible (it is not at “/tests/satoract/”, “/satoract/”, “/blog/blog/tests/satoract/”, or any other way I can imagine it may have been stored). Yet categories appear correctly (“/blog/tests/” works).

    The posts are visible when viewing the blog index and category indexes, but generate a 404 when linked to (even when the links are generated by WordPress itself, such as on the sidebar or clicking on the titles when in category view).

    My permalink structure is currently set to “/blog/%category%/%postname%/”. I am also using a static Front page and Posts page (both of which work properly).

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I feel like I’ve run out of ideas.

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  • I have discovered the error of my ways. Here’s the solution, in case anyone is having similar problems:

    In addition to setting the permalink structure as “/blog/%category%/%postname%/”, I also set the Category base as “/blog”. By removing “/blog” from the Category base (thus setting it as blank), everything works as intended.

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