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    I have a fresh WP install, everything goes well when creating a subsite, it’s added to the database, but when I want to visit the subsite or its dashboard I get a 404 error. I strongly doubt the problem is on the server site (GreenGeeks), since I have another multi running well on the same server, both with subdomains. I added the DNS records *.mysite.ext and sub.mysite.ext to cpanel.

    The only thing I can think off now is starting all over again, but I’d prefer to know what causing it. All tips are welcome! TNX!

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  • Did you correctly update your .htaccess?

    Is AllowOverride set to ALL on your httpd.conf?

    Thanks for your input, Ipstenu, but I was unable to find help in the replies from my host’s support team. Basically they told me to create a subdirectory in cpanel, than to create a wildcard as subdirectory, than they would try it and asked where to put it… Could this make sense?

    I’m in no position to judge, but still I could not help to think they didn’t know the concept multisite. Furthermore they did not bother answering your second question on which I cannot answer either. So I decided to avoid the problem instead of solving it.

    That makes sense in that they don’t get what ‘wildcard’ means.

    If you have to make named subdomains, instead of pointing them at a subdirectory, you need to point them one level up to your main public_html folder :/

    hello, i am having the same problem here. please if i need to update my .htaccess, what lines of code do i need to place inside it. wildcard subdomain is set on my server.

    thanks, ipstenu for being there.

    idowu – Please post your own topic.

    And if you don’t know what htaccess to update, you didn’t read correctly and skipped step 4.

    Unavoidable… But your tip was welcome, Ipstenu, at least I’m not entirely stuck, tnx!

    I manage to make sub blogs now, if I create the subdirectory manually in cpanel. I asked my host to make the wildcard subdirectory and point it at the root. I think this should solve the problem.

    I still need to find out why I have the * on one account and not on another, but this makes it no longer a WordPress issue.

    I finally know what I did wrong. I added the wildcard in my DNS, due to which I was unable to create the wildcard subdomain. After deleting the DNS record the problem was solved. It’s all so easy once you know 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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