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  • Hi All,

    Although I created a blog page on a Website I built several years ago, I am just getting back into WordPress after years of absence.

    Anyway, my present project is building a Website within a WordPress framework as a CMS. There will be only one blog page. The long and short of it is I’m basically a newbie and need some help getting going. I’m running an instance of WordPress through an Apache server I’ve used for development for several years now on my Windopes 7 notebook – i7 quadcore. I custom installed it not using Mamp or Xammp.

    WordPress is installed in it’s own directory in a folder called bigsurwebdesign. I copied the index.php and .htaccess files into the root directory making the appropriate change to the path in the index.php file. I have configured Apache (httpd.conf to allow “mod_rewrite”) as I customized the “permalinks” /%category%/%postname%/. The URL in the common settings list is http://localhost/bigsurwebdesign/

    My present problem is when on the page I call “Home” (was the “sample page” and is the “static” page) in my WordPress installation and I click on “Recent Posts” in the sidebar I get a 404 error “The requested URL/bigsurwebdesign/introductions/test-test-test/was not found on this server. The path in the address bar is right – “localhost/bigsurwebdesign/introductions/test-test-test/” but can’t find the page. If I change the permalinks back to the default setting
    of “http://localhost/bigsurwebdesign/?p=123” it works fine – but with the pointless URL which I don’t want.

    I’ve made several posts in the “Dashboard” making sure they’re published but still no luck.

    I have another installation of WordPress on my host provider server set up identically (as far as I can see) and it’s working fine with the custom permalinks.

    Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong, or what the problem might be?

    My local server’s not set up to be accessed from the www so I can only give you the address of the instance on my host provider’s server which is BigSurWebDesign which works fine so far, but if you want to go there knock yourself out.

    Thanks in advance,

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