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  • I just upgraded to 1.5, and whenever I press the ‘Update Options’ button at the bottom of any of the Options pages, I get a 404 not found message.
    For example, what is happening is the page is directed to


    instead of


    And this applies to all of them (options-reading.php, options-writing.php, etc.)
    If I manually type the latter of the example above into the address bar after making changes, it updates just fine. Anyone know what is missing that it is not doing this by itself?

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  • I know that I got this error myself when first upgrading to 1.5. And I think it had something to do with enabling sending referrers (info here). But I can’t remember for certain – I’m sorry.

    I have setting applied for my site with both Windows and Norton to make it a trusted site, and never experienced the problem with 1.2.

    This EXACT thing happened to me. What’s up with that? I also tried doing the same thing you did – manually typing in what it should automatically do.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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