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  • Before the upgrade, the site was working just fine. Now, I am getting 404 errors on pages that we created.

    I am using two plugins to rewrite the URL of the Pages:

    Custom Page Extensions – Version 0.6 | By GrandSlambert
    Custom Permalinks – Version 0.7.14 | By Michael Tyson

    We converted a old .asp website to a WordPress site. To keep the site map intact for Google, I used these plugins to mimic the structure of the old .asp site.

    Now, since the upgrade, the pages are throwing 404 errors. These are the About Us, Photo Gallery, Referrals, Contact Us and Request-A-Quote pages.

    What I have tried:

    – Uninstalled the plugins. Changed the stock WordPress Permalinks control to the default.(This worked but, I cannot use it as it does not keep the structure of the old site)
    – Reinstalled the plugins. Deleted the pages and recreated them.
    – Found a fix for a similar issue with a previous build of WP to fix 404 errors and permalinks.

    What will really make this even more interesting is that IF:

    – I am logged in to the WP site as an Administrator
    – Have the Pages set as either Draft or Pending Approval, not Published
    – Have the Pages marked as Private

    The site works with no 404 errors. <—- Weird, right?

    Any nudge in the right direction would be appreciated. Or would a rollback to a previous version of WP be the better solution?

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  • What I would do in your situation is remove all .asp file extensions in the permalinks and the respective plugins from your Website, and, 301 redirect all traffic to the new URLs using the .HTACCESS file.

    You’ll need to “Google” how-to setup your .HTACCESS file for your specific configuration.

    Hope this helps.

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