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    The plugin links to an external resource to load the cookie banner. This JavaScript file returns a 404 error as of 2/26/2020. I filed an issue with their online support, but I noticed that there is not an issue since 2018 that has a response from the company. I will update this review if/when they respond to fix the issue. Several links on their support site also do not work. Several linked resources in their online documentation also return 404 errors (e.g., image files referenced in their documentation). Right now, I don’t know if this company is actually active anymore.

    After some troubleshooting, the issue turned out to be my provider filtering the CDN used in their filter for malicious websites. We turned this off and the issue resolved itself. I’m going to leave this review for reference by anyone else. Also, I did get support via the WordPress support site very quickly. I don’t think they monitor their own support site as closely.

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