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    When registered users try to book onto a event with enable registration for this event switched on they are getting a 404 error message. Looking at the error message it would seem that Events Manager is adding a directory to the URL so it’s pointing at the wrong directory and thus causing a 404. For example this is what it should look like: however when registered users fill in their user name and password then hit ‘send booking’ (they’re not already logged in to the site) the send booking button then calls this URL so it’s adding a sub-directory to the directory in which the event actually sits and is then of course causing a 404 error because the directory doesn’t exist. This has only started happening since the upgrade to 5.7.3. If users login via the wp-login or wp-admin routes then go to the booking page and hit send booking it works so it seems that if they put their login and password on the event page (it’s happening with all events with registration enabled) then hit send booking this is when the error is occurring. Anyone any ideas how we can resolve this please?

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  • I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you mean, where have I asked a new question? You asked questions about payment gateways and I responded. The topic has not changed and the issue has not been resolved. If we were to upgrade to the Pro version would you be able to provide better support and investigate the issue of the login button on the booking page adding a sub-directory to the correct URL?

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    Is it the login button or the payment button that’s wrong? Or both?

    Can you post a link to an event that has this problem? The original links are no longer working.

    As advised we are not using any payment buttons it is just the login button which is doing it. I have re-enabled the button but you will need to register on our site, then log out then log back in using the session booking page, try this one as it is a dummy session so you won’t be required to attend! Use the login button on this page as a registered user and you will see the problem. If you want register as wp-em-admin then i will recognise your registration.

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    Are you saying that once logged in, the “Send Your Booking” button will then redirect to the wrong page?

    Not quite, when a registered user enters their details in the login form on the booking page, so they are not logged in to start with, then click the login button this then redirects to the wrong page. Once logged in the send your booking button works fine but it’s the login in button which is causing the incorrect redirect.

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    I think this might be a setup issue on your site. Chances are it’s related to the directory/path settings in your general WP settings area, most likely your WP address and home site urls.

    We use a standard WP function to generate that redirect_to link:

    get_site_url(false, $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']) )

    so it’s most likely your install is misconfigured, probably since it’s in a subdirectory.

    Thank you for your detailed reply, we will try and migrate the site out of the sub-directory to see if that helps and thank you once again.

Viewing 7 replies - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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