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404 and 550 errors wp.org folder placement

  • Hi, I’m having trouble installing WP.org and I’m not sure why. I have looked in the forums and haven’t found a solution to my specific problem. My job has a site set up through wordpress.com and am trying to install wordpress.org. I came into this position after the site domains etc were set up. I downloaded, unzipped and uploaded the wordpress folder, but when I go to the install.php link, I get a 404 error.

    I think the problem is that I’m not positive that the folder is uploaded in the correct place, but I’m having trouble putting it anywhere but its current location because I get 550 permission denied messages when I try.

    Right now, I have the wordpress folder on my desktop. In my ftp, there are the following folders for the directory:
    “/” contains awstats, backup, logs, private, stats and www.
    When I click on “/www” this folder contains only another folder marked “www.”
    Clicking on that second folder (“/www/www”) contains cgi-bin, src, some random html files. This last folder is the only one I can upload the wordpress folder to, but that puts it at “/www/www/wordpress” How can I get this folder into the right placement so that I can install wordpress.org??

    Any help at all is appreciated.

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  • esmi


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    Have you tried contacting your hosts or reading any support documentation that they have available regarding your hosting account?


    I’m not too familiar with the host (it was selected before I took this job) and they aren’t very accessible when I’ve tried (ICDSoft). I actually didn’t realize that it might be a problem with the host– I thought it had more to do with where I was uploading the files. Does where I’m uploading make sense or am I off base?

    I’ll try contacting someone there at the same time as contacting help here. Hopefully the combination of the two can shed some light.

    Any ideas of what I might try from my end?



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    Does where I’m uploading make sense or am I off base?

    Yes it does – which is why I think you need to check with your hosts. The domain architecture (folder system) & domain name management varies from host to host and from package to package. So unless someone else here is using the same hosting package on ICDSoft, you’re unlikely to get specific help because we simply don’t know how your package is structured. At best, we can only come up with educated guesses.

    Why are you unhappy with WP in the www/www folder? Have you tried installing it?

    Okay that makes sense, thanks.

    I’m only unhappy with WP being in the www/www folder because when I try to install it, I get a 404 error! Otherwise I don’t care either way. I figured that the 404 error probably means that the files are misplaced? The problem is that when I try to put them anywhere else, I get a 550 error…



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    My guess is that you have 1 too many ‘www’ folders but you’d need to speak to your hosts to confirm this.

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