• i just switched my site over to wordpress today and now i can’t login to my topsites, topcams or webcam portal admin pages. it just goes to the 404 page in my theme template.

    anyone know what’s wrong?

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  • … bump.
    sorry. i really need to figure this out. i can’t access my admin panels for any of my topsites, topcams and portal sites.

    shit… i really need to figure this out. but if no one can help then.

    Suggestion: don’t get impatient if you don’t get a reply immediately. Especially on a Friday night (middle of the night for some of us, you know…)

    Next suggestion: a little more information would help.
    What are the links you’re trying to get to?

    From a quick look at your site, it looks like you’ve got WordPress installed in the root of your domain. Nothing wrong with that, but it looks like the .htaccess file is intercepting calls to your other pages, and as it’s not finding them in WP, it’s diverting to the 404.

    Quick and dirty fix to get you into the other pages:

    Go into WP options and change Permalinks to the default – you’ll get ugly /?p=123 style links for the moment. And delete the .htaccess file. (Keep a copy, just in case…)

    You should then be able to get to your other pages.

    Hopefully someone will then be able to help you get both WP and your other pages working at the same time, with nice permalinks.

    ergh… sorry. i just kept getting email after email of people trying to join my portal but i couldn’t approve them ‘cuz i couldn’t get to my admin…

    … and i still can’t. i tried what you said. instead of going to my 404, it just started going to the main page just with a different address in the top.

    my wordpress is in it’s own folder (/wp) but i have it configured it to show on the main index of my site.

    nevermind… i got it figured out.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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