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  • No matter what I do with the permalinks, I get 403’s on one of my sites.

    • Mod_rewrite is enabled.
    • I’ve tried updating the wp-includes as directed by a similar topic.
    • AllowOverride is enabled
    • I’ve tried reverting to v1.5 rewrite rules
    • No matter what level of permissions, I still get 403s
    • I’ve read almost every topic about 403s and permalinks and have gotten nowhere.
    • Rewrite rules generated by WordPress 2.0.1 don’t work – still get the 403s
    • Copying rules from another site with the damn same setup doesn’t work

    Does anyone have any input and more importantly some good fixes?

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  • If you really have tried all the other fixes that are listed in the forums there’s only one thing left to try.

    Try another host. Sometimes it’s certain host configs that screw things up.

    Hmm, short of switching hosts – don’t really want to because this is my clients website – does anyone have another option?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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