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    There is a forbidden error on the subject website after entering the numbers of ticket. I’ve searched everywhere on your site for solution, googled for help everywhere, BlueHost has assisted in increasing permission, disabled and re-enabled plugin, restored website from previous backups, none of this has helped and it’s frustrating. No one is able to purchase tickets and the event is coming up soon.

    I will appreciate your urgency in resolving this issue.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi @h2ofilters

    I did a bit more digging, and my feeling is that your hosting provider will be the one who can help you here.

    I see the 403 error on your site, which basically means what it says: accessing that url (redirection) is forbidden for some reason.
    This is something that cannot be set in our plugins anywhere. It can be a result of a higher security set up by another plugin (like mentioned before), or some other server side setting, for example in an .htaccess file.

    What I did is I took a look at the URL I got:

    I took the part after ‘redirect_to’ and ran it through this decoder page:

    Then I took the result and pasted it in the address bar in a new tab. The PayPal cart page opened up with my tickets in the cart.

    So the URL is good, the pages work. Only somehow that redirection is blocked for some reason.

    If your WordPress installation is in a subfolder, then the restriction might be in the parent folder .htaccess
    And I guess there are a bunch of other options as well. I’m not a server software expert, so cannot say. Your provider should be able to track this down.

    This is as much as I have now.

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    Thank you so much @aguseo. I’ll go back to BlueHost with your suggestions. However, I was on the phone and chats with them throughout the weekend and they were pointing to the host. Well, I’ll go back again and see what they say. It’s been a frustrating week starting from Friday and hopefully there will be a solution, somehow

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    Oh man, I can imagine the frustration.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! Let us know the outcome.

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    @aguseo and @sc0ttkclark Thank you for all your help and the trouble. I spent a couple of hours going one plugin at a time to find the plugin conflict. It turns out it’s BBQ Pro plugin. The surprising thing is I did the same thing over the weekend but did’t discover it.

    In any case, I am passing this along so you can let others know that the plugin is in conflict with your plugin.

    Sorry again for all the trouble.

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    All is not lost with BBQ Pro plugin. The developer gave these troubleshooting steps:

    1) Put your site into maintenance mode (optional)
    2) Enable BBQ Pro and enable only the regular firewall patterns
    3) Test your page functionality
    4) If the page works, then activate the advanced firewall patterns and test again’
    5) or if the page does not work, then you know the issue is with the regular firewall patterns

    In any case, after you figure out which set of patterns is involved (e.g., regular, advanced, custom), you can continue to the next part of testing:

    1) So with only one set of firewall patterns active (e.g., regular, advanced, custom):
    2) Disable half the patterns and re-test your page functionality
    3) If the page works, then you know the offending pattern is included in the set of patterns that you disabled
    4) or if the page does not work, then disable half of the remaining active patterns and re-test
    5) Etc., keep halving the active patterns until you discover the culprit

    This process is basic troubleshooting and is referred to as the “halving method”. Here is a guide that explains in more detail:

    Plugin Author Andras Guseo



    This is really great!!! Thanks to the BBQ dev as well!

    When you figure out what works and what doesn’t please post the results here, as it might be useful for other users as well.


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