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  • I did a fresh installation of WP. The site worked when there was nothing in it. Once I imported from blogger, it went to hell and I get a 403 error when trying to view the blog. What is going on? Is this a permissions problem?

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  • Are you sure the importing process went well?
    403 is usually poiting to some permission issues, though I don’t know how is that related to the import…

    It went great…. as far as I can see. I have all my posts AND comments. I just can’t see the site now. Server issue? I saw the issue about “curl” and took out anything that said “curl” but I don’t know now…

    as far as I can see. I have all my posts AND comments

    Where exactly do you see them?

    I have the dashboard. I can modify posts in the dashboard. But pulling up the index gives me a 403 error.

    Hmmm. I noticed your mentioning of “curl”. Unfortunately there are other bad words, too 🙂
    What if you make 2 new posts, just a few lines for testing AND set your blog to display only 2 posts on the main page (Options > Reading). In these new posts there shouldn’t be anything that would trigger the forbidden. You have nothing to loose – so you could try.

    Oh boy! That worked. I can see it now. I guess the question is what words are triggering it?

    In further messing with it, I deleted the two new posts, and it didn’t break again. I wonder what went wrong??

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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