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  • I am having a problem with a plugin that the control panel is not working as it should.

    I am working with a plugin called Memberpress that deals with member access and subscriptions. There are parts of the option panel I cannot access. When I look at it in Chrome with my development console, I am seeing 403 forbidden errors for the plugin. I have called my host twice about this issue, they says it’s something about the server, and they are working on it, and promised it would be fixed in two or three hours, that was yesterday evening, and I still have the issue. I called today, and the third tech rep I spoke with was saying it has been a world wide issue with WP plugins recently. He said if I Googled it, I would find reports of the problem, well, I did, found very little. So, I thought I would ask here. I have a deadline to meet, and my client is asking questions, can anyone help?


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  • esmi


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    Many hosts are currently experiencing problems due to mass attacks. Yours appear to be one of them. All you can do is try to wait this out.

    Thank you Esmi,

    This is the first I have heard of such a thing, what I am not understanding is why it is only affecting this one plugin, everything else is working. This plugin has a tabbed control panel, and uses custom post types to work, pretty standard stuff.

    I am wondering now if I was attacked two weeks ago on one of my blogs. I had over 1,000 hits on one post, and all came from one search term. This site sees an average of 300 per day total, so I did think it was odd.

    Thanks to the link to the article, I will forward to my client, perhaps it will help them understand.



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    what I am not understanding is why it is only affecting this one plugin, everything else is working

    The hosting companies currently under attack are using very different methods to try and protect WordPress logins. Best guess, your hosts may have initially opted for a solution that is locking the plugin out. The fact that this is a login mass attack, you’re using a membership access plugin and you’re getting a 403 error seem, to me, to make this the most likely scenario.

    Given the current situation, your best approach is to contact the hosts and ask them what, if any, changes they have made on the server recently.

    And that would be the fourth time I have called….. LOL! Yes, that makes sense that a login type plugin would get blocked. Thank you. 🙂

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