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  • 4 tier structure to incorporate collections
    i.e. collections, albums, galleries, images

    WordPress has albums, galleries, and images. A three tier structure. I would like another level above this i.e. collection, giving a four tier structure, and maybe even a five tier one.

    For example, a collection landscapes would have (say) spring, summer, autumn, and winter albums. The landscape collection would show an image (of my best landscape picture) and when clicked on would bring up a page with 4 album images showing the best picture of each season.

    Another collection might be people consisting of albums of family, friends, workmates etc.

    Another collection could be hobbies, and so on.

    The first page of my website would show the collections, one image for each (landscapes, people, hobbies etc.).

    Can this be done, ideally with an off-the-shelf/package solution?

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