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  • Current list on unreconcilable problems trying W3TC on yet another site:
    1. destroys JS function names in minification (broke my lightbox plugin, even when I tried moving inline code into main .js file)
    2. doesn’t honor dependencies in minification (loads Google-hosted jQuery _after_ my js)
    3. doesn’t reliably copy images to CDN (added an image to a page since installing W3TC; missing image symbol appears with W3TC turned on; tried to “reimport attachments” and checked the “unsuccessful file transfers:—no help)
    4. often complains that “[Page Cache or minify] URL rewriting is not working…” Beats me. I see a ton of rules in all the htaccess files.
    5. No noticeable boost to page load time. Not the plugin’s fault, but why bother with the hassels for little or no improvement in user experience?

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  • Add to that:
    6. CSS minification is enabled, but CSS files are not being combined or minified.

    I’m not the developer, but here are my suggestions:

    maybe you should check to see whether page caching is enabled (via debugging)
    If you see no noticeable improvement, it’s probably because page caching is not working – maybe try switching to disk basic if you’re using enhanced.
    I don’t know if this is the case with the latest version, but I know I would occasionally get false negatives regarding whether URL rewriting was working, but if it’s not working, that could prevent it from doing it’s job, essentially.

    The latest version does a much better job with auto minification than did, but if it’s still breaking your js, you may need to opt for manual, and include them one by one – this way you can ensure the proper order.

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