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  • Resolved Terence


    1) When I installed directly from the repository, and tried to activate the plugin, I got the following message “The plugin does not have a valid header.” However, when I stopped trying to activate it immediately, and went to my installed plugins, and then tried to activate it, it worked fine.

    2) Why is there no switch to allow the width of the Swifty Page Manager tree-view to be set to choice? I have a very wide screen at nigh resolution and the icons are way too far out to the right for comfort. It would be much better if this was configurable so that you can set it to your screen size/resolution.

    3) When you use the eye icon to view a page, why doesn’t it open the page in a new tab/window? Surely this would make sense to make a choice in some kind of configuration panel?

    4) And why oh why does it install a totally pointless sidebar menu item? Don’t you think I have enough junk in my UX, or do you just like to keep promoting your name?

    I tried this a while back and thought it would develop in the right direction, but from what I can see it hasn’t developed much at all. And what has changed, doesn’t seem for the better.

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  • Plugin Author Noemi-van-de-Moosdijk


    Thanks for your feedback Terence!

    1) This is indeed an issue, we found the issue so with the next release it’s fixed and Page Manager can be activated immediately after install. For now (version 1.4.8) this can be done via Plugins screen.
    2) Good idea, we are going to add this in a future version.
    3) This can also be useful, we’re gonna look into this one as well to add it in a future version.
    4) We will add the option in a future version so you can make the choice if ‘Swifty’ should be a separate menu Yes or No.

    Again thank you very much for all the ideas. As you can see we agree with you and in time they shall be added to our Swfity Page Manager.
    It can however take a couple of months before we have the time to add the features because other priority’s. 😉

    Sorry, didn’t mean to be so negative. I had a bad day.

    Plugin Author Noemi-van-de-Moosdijk


    No problem, we all have our bad and better days. 😉

    Good news Terence!

    We fixed the issue of not being able to activate the plugin right after install. So new users won’t have trouble with this one anymore.

    Also we have added the function that you can set the width of the Swifty Page Manager tree-view.

    As mentioned we are gonna look into the other feature requests you’ve made in the future.

    Hopefully you do however like out plugin a lot more now. 🙂

    Sounds great. I’ll check it out.

    Thanks for coming back to me.

    Yup, installs and activates without a hitch.

    And now the tree-view is much more comfortable.

    However, I still think 3 sidebar entries for one setting is excessive ~

    And the fact that the page-view doesn’t open in a new window still irks me.

    But its definitely going in the right direction.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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