• Well, it works at last. I have 7 years of WordPress experience and it took me 4 hours to make it work.

    The main idea is that I had to add all the logic from single.php template to the auto-load-next-post/content-partial.php, that’s how the plugin understands what’s going on.

    Other ways like adding proper classes to script’s settings are not enough obviously. The guide is not even detailed, there’s almost no guide. I had to dig into the plugin set it.

    There’s a premium support from the creator and I understand why there’s no guide. It’s a good idea to let the author set the template for you and to pay him. But, really, man, $330 for the custom theme setting? Isn’t that too much?

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  • Plugin Author Sébastien Dumont


    There is documentation provided to guide you.

    There are also two types of premium support. One for supporting the theme in a child theme created for you (varies depending on the theme source), the other is for those who have already made extensive customisations too there theme.

    Please get in touch via the site to provide us with what you found most difficult, the theme you were trying to support and what could be explained more clearly in the documentation to help speed up even the most experienced WordPress users.

    Thank you.

    Well, there captions for the fields in settings could be more informative. You could explain what the field is and why it is needed.

    I didn’t understand why the plugin didn’t get my theme’s post template. Yes, it’s a custom theme but with single page template. So I needed to copy/paste its’ contents to the plugin’s partial part.

    Anyway Sebastien thank you for the plugin, even with this jungle of setting it the plugin is good.

    Plugin Author Sébastien Dumont


    Thank you.

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