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    WordPress Version – 4.9 RC1

    New feature, Scheduling Post is scheduling the things for Future purpose. It is applicable to global changes of Customizer panel, Which should not.

    Scenario: User have schedule(Let’s say Header Image) something for future XX date, After that User wants some XYZ(Color) change and user wants to publish it on same time. There is already things in schedule, for Release. Now if user publish it, 4.9 RC1 is publishing scheduled things also which should not and it has to maintain individual functionality.

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  • Are you saying that if you schedule a change for publishing next week that you won’t be able to make any other changes in the Customizer until that time passes?

    This would be a known limitation currently in the Customizer in the default “non-branching” mode. I’m currently writing a dev note about this. A plugin such as Customize Snapshots allow you to have concurrent changesets, something which you can add as well by adding the following one-liner to your theme or plugin:

    add_filter( 'customize_changeset_branching', '__return_true' );

    This is not enabled by default for users in order to simplify the user experience, and also because there would be real potential for conflicts without any logic yet for resolution in core.

    Are you saying that if you schedule a change for publishing next week that you won’t be able to make any other changes in the Customizer until that time passes?
    >> No, I doesn’t mean like this.

    There can be many changes after Schedule things, but the things is operating like if we do any changes after schedule and if we publish it then it is Publish everything by including Scheduled things also.

    -I wants to Schedule Header Image for Next Week, And I have Schedule it.
    -I have done some Style and Color changes(In customizer same panel only) after schedulation
    -Now I wants to publish my style and color changes and don’t wants to change Header Image. But it is not feasible as of now from this Schedule feature, this is publishing everything that means Style and Color changes as well as Header image change.

    In order to follow with that manner, There should be individual schedule for each module of Customizer panel.

    Suggested Plugin is also not compatible for same. And this should be implementation part of Core WordPress.

    I think we’re saying the same thing.

    The problem you’re facing is you can’t publish a change to a second setting without also publishing a previously-scheduled change to a first setting.

    This is indeed a current limitation with the initial implementation.

    However, if you add add_filter( 'customize_changeset_branching', '__return_true' ); to your theme you will be able to bypass it. It allows you to have many different changesets scheduled in parallel. The Customize Snapshots plugin provides a UI to navigate among the unpublished changesets, and it is currently being updated for compatibility with 4.9.

    Being able to have multiple schedules for different settings inside a given changeset has not been explored yet. The complexity involved to implement at a technical level and the uncertain utility to the majority of users lead me to doubt it will be part of core.

    Alright then…
    Looking Forward.

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