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  • I just updated yesterday, and wish there was a way to just roll back, because WP seems to get more irritating with every update. The norefferer/noopener issue, removing the underline, and now lists seem to stop any spacing from happening.

    Basically what I would do is create a list of items, and then when I am done, I would just hit enter twice, and then backspace so it would be a one line space between the bulletpoints. However, on the latest editor, I can’t seem to do this.

    Is there any way to restore it to it’s previous format? I noticed that there is now numbered lines in the html editor, which is a welcome addition… but this is ridiculous.


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  • Karan NA Gupta



    Instead of hitting enter you can hit Shift+Enter. ‘Enter’ would start a new paragraph where as ‘Shift+Enter’ would start a new line. Alternatively, you can go to the text mode and delete the additional  

    You can also try some of the advanced WordPress editors for extra features:


    I have tried that plugin and it still behaves exactly the same.

    As for the shift+enter workaround, unfortunately it doesn’t hold either.

    It seems like such an idiotic thing, but it drives me insane that I can’t figure it out. I either have to live the 3 spaces in between the lists, or have to edit html on every page and insert a custom padding space for the list.

    If I do something to the css, then it will mess with all the other posts and pages I have which use bulletpoints.

    I haven’t found any effective alternative for now, except going into html and closing off each <ul> tag. Which is frustratingly slow.

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    @pherojoe, Please show us the list on your website. We need to see the list before we can help with CSS problems.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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