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    Hi there,

    a client wants to have 4-5 Landing Pages with nearly the same layout but different content. Each landingpage shall have a complete different domain. And all should be in https.

    -How should i do this?
    -Is this possible with WordPress multisite?
    -Do i need 4-5 SSL Certificates or is it possible with just one?
    -Each landingpage got its “imprint” and “privacy policy” but should stay in its own Doamin range
    – can i install wordpress on a https Domain so i done have to change from http to https afterwards?

    Thanks for any help

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  • Uros Tasic


    Multisite can be a helpful way to set up multilingual sites. Multisites is more complicated than single site WP however, so you will want to look at the skills required to create and manage a multisite network before diving in. There are step-by-step instructions for setting up multisite in the WP codex

    One thing to understand about multisite is that by default each subsite functions as a completely separate site as far as content.

    You can change http to https with no problems at all.

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