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    I have updated to 4.0 (from probably 2 something?) and now there are several broken icons including the “X” that allows me to exit formidable and go back to my dashboard and a ton of missing functionality?

    No longer can I see a list of available custom css classes to apply to fields or dynamic shortcodes to input into my fields? I believe the changelog says these are supposed to show with a modal maybe? It doesn’t, what the heck is going on? Is this a classic editor issue?

    Apparently, everything was the cached (duh) but I’ve never had to hard refresh after a plugin update. Should this topic stay in case more people need to see this?

    ***REAL ISSUE***
    There are definitely issues with the hidden fields and shortcodes that are forcing me to refresh after each edit because it will not stop applying newly added shortcodes to the original hidden field default value the was clicked first.

    ex. In my Hidden Field “Job” I add a [post_title]. Now I click on my other Hidden Field “Current Date” and try to add [Date], however, nothing is being added to the default field, but instead the default value for “Job” is getting all of the [Date] shortcodes added. Pressing “Save” between each edit has no changing effect and I am required to refresh to get shortcodes to stop applying to the original hidden field after each edit.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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