• On my third site having problems with the sign up confirmation part with a new subscriber. People complaining they never get the email to confirm once the submit. While others work fine.

    Once I manually confirm them they seem to receive POST notifications just fine.

    Corresponded with detailed emails to support. They did respond and seemed sincere. Bottom line, the problem was not resolved. Invested way too much time attempting to resolve it, and compiling the facts for emails, as I saw them.

    Done…Deactivating and deleting the plug-in. Trying another.

    Maybe it is just me? But I don’t have time to continue to troubleshoot.

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  • Plugin Contributor Nirav Mehta


    Email delivery issues are really frustrating – for users, site owners and developers! So many things can go wrong, and there are so many different systems involved that it’s even difficult to figure out the exact issue.

    We’re building a “deliverability test” tool in the plugin. We’re handling a lot of undercover dirty work so end users don’t have to bother with it. Hopefully that should help problems like what you faced.

    We’re also working on something else that will make it super fast and reliable to send newsletters even to larger lists. It may be a Pro-only feature, but we’ll provide some alternatives that even free plugin users can benefit from..

    Lots of exciting things coming to the plugin in 2019 actually!

    Hope you can come back to the plugin in future!

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