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  • I don’t think this is working correctly.

    If user gives consent to 3rd party cookies, the plugin is supposed to insert my Google Tag codes, but it doesn’t do that.

    Not sure why..

    Update: It’s working. I find this plugin to be the best to manage user consent to cookies. Very clean, very nice options, and user can always control their consent if you enable the ‘floating button’ feature!

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  • elenasaygo


    @jumper, I was going to post the same, that the cookies code is not inserted into the page after user consent. Do you mind sharing how you managed to do this, I can’t figure it out where the issue is.

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    Hi @jumper,

    I too am struggling with this and the plugin authors don’t seem to be replying to any support queries.

    Could you share your solution to this issue?

    Many thanks in advance.

    @elenasaygo @webworksjoe:

    Well the plugin 3rd party cookie setting works as expected. I actually did not have to do anything.

    I first thought it was broken. When I checked “view source” it didn’t show my Google Tag codes even after I’ve allowed 3rd party cookies. Turns out you need to either check the insertion of 3rd party cookies using Chrome DevTools (Elements tab) or use the Tag Assistant chrome extension (

    When you haven’t given permission to allow 3rd party cookies, none of the codes will be inserted. If you enabled 3rd party cookies, then Tag Assistant will refresh and show you Tags it is now able to find on the page.

    I’m using version 1.1.1 if that helps.

    Hi @jumper.

    Thanks very much for getting back to the message. You’ve helped me resolve my issue.


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    Thanks a lot!

    I have a testing site here:
    I have the GDPR Cookie Compliance plugin activated and configured as you can see.
    Strictly cookies? Always enabled and hidden from user.
    I have GA cookies enabled by default.
    The code is placed in the head section
    An hour of testing … and removing all history in browsers … have I seen any GA code anywhere.
    None? Doesn’t work.
    Can you advise me … I am a web developer.
    Regards Mark

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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