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    For the past 8-10 weeks, 3D Secure has not been working. We are using Salient Theme (latest) and latest Woocommerce.

    The error caused means that the 3D secure popup is not always appearing. It is sometimes as we’re receiving a lot of orders which I’ve checked through Stripe logs have been 3D secure authenticated.

    It looks like most failing are Visa, but some Mastercard are also. This is the error:

    “The provided source has failed authentication. You can provide source_data or a new source to attempt to fulfill this PaymentIntent again.”

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  • Hello @jamestc989

    We have the same kind of issues and it seems to affect more and more people using this plugin. Which cache plugin do you use? Do you have critical css enable on your caching plugin? Same for defer Javascript? Do you use Redis?

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    Hi @jamestc989

    It looks like most failing are Visa, but some Mastercard are also.

    If I’m understanding correctly, you mean to say this is happening occasionally and not for every transaction?

    A similar issue can be studied on this Github thread:

    So that we can try to understand what is happening with the authentication, please share the following:

    – Screenshot of the status of the order
    – Screenshot of the order notes

    We recommend for easily sharing screenshots – please follow the instructions on that page, then paste the URL in this thread.

    Additionally, please share a copy of your site’s System Status. You can find it via WooCommerce > Status. Select “Get system report” and then “Copy for support”. Once you’ve done that, paste it here in your response.

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    Hi @neoseeyou

    Thanks for posting your comment here.

    If you need help, kindly create a new thread so that your issue can be looked at individually.

    This is in line with the forum guidelines on posting on related threads / existing threads with similar issues.

    Earlier also we weren’t able to check your case as it was another user’s thread that you were communicating on:

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    @neoseeyou did you manage to get to the bottom of this? We’re about to move away from Stripe because of it and it’s a high volume site. Would rather not have to as there’s a lot of work in terms of accounts/processes involved but Stripe/Woocommerce have no absolutely nothing to fix or provide any tangible support.

    hello @jamestc989

    We are actually speaking with both stripe tech and woocommerce devs.

    We have two issues :

    – Incomplete payment due to 3d secure : it seems that there are less of them since we activated a rule of the radar stripe => “Require 3DS if the use of 3D Secure is recommended for the card” and put back CVC rule.

    We still have few but quite hard to determine if it come from our checkout page (aka woocommerce stripe plugin) or if it come from customers who never complete the 3d secure process.

    – Failed payement due to bank reject (do not honor) : This issue i think is more concerning due to its randomness side. A customer can buy something one day with his credit card, next day his bank will refuse for no reason (no cause yet found) .

    Stripe requires a letter from the customer’s bank in order to open a process but no customer will ask their bank for that

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    @alpha2 Thanks for the reply!

    I’m also speaking with Stripe too via their support about it. Hopefully there is a resolution very soon.

    We’ve only noticed a small amount of do not honor – perhaps no more than i’d ever notice.

    With the Radar Rules at the moment we only have Request 3DS if 3D Secure is required for card – Enabled.

    But are you suggesting to turn on Request 3DS if 3D Secure is recommended for card?


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