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  • I am looking to mod one of the TAG-3d-CANVANS-CLOUD that’s out there to show post instead of tag, and boom i find myself doubting pretty much every plugin out there!

    1- WP-Culumus, the only one i knew about is flash and seems dead from dev.
    2- WP-Cirrus…no flash!perfect?(although it has some annoyances)
    3- 3d tag cloud… No flash and canvas sounds good and canvas seems ok to use now
    4- WP-TagCanvas… yet again html5 and seems just the same!?
    5- TagCanvas – (goat 1000) Seems awesome!

    What to do now is asking if any of the above are just wrong? and then ask if any would allow easy mod on allowing and extra category of tag(POSTS).

    because they all deal with tags & category, some even do pages but none that i know of does post-titles!!!!

    I can reverse-engineer but i am not a coder, so i need to start somewhere… any ideas?

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