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  • I started my blog recently, and it mainly focuses on logos design. I named it “Clever Logos”, and I hope it works for you!
    It’s obviousely wordpress driven, so … I thought I should drop a note here.
    ps. I’m not much of a coder so don’t bother checking my validity! 🙂
    … but I’m studing and will fix it as soon as I learn how!

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  • hey there, very nice blog. I really enjoy the content being a freelance graphic designer myself. I think technically speaking your menu bar should be boxes for each item. For example, rather than having to roll over the actual text of the ‘About’ link the entire bar that ‘About’ sits in should act as a link.
    very easy to do with a bit of CSS. otherwise the site looks great, the bits of pink were needed to breakup all the white, maybe some of that color can go into your pretty header?

    I did try ‘display block’ on the links section but I get them too far apart, specially when collapsed ( open I mean). It gets very long. I’m still a beginner with CSS, so I left it like this untill I figure how it’s supposed to be done.
    Glad you liked it.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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