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  • Here’s my issue: Last week on Thursday, my site was running normally. Thursday night, my web designer installed a new custom theme. Friday, I upgraded to 3.8.1. Now, when I click the media button inside of a post or a page, the Library is blank. No images appear, nor do any show up when I search. When I try to upload an issue, I get an error that just says “An Error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.” HOWEVER, if I open my Media library from the main dashboard all of the images appear, and it shows that any images I’ve tried and received the error on have, in fact, successfully uploaded.

    Here’s my site:

    Here’s what I’ve tried (in conjunction with my web designer):
    – Deactivated all plugins: no change
    – Reverted to default 2014 theme: no change
    – Restored to 3.8 through GoDaddy: no change

    I’ve read about issues with 3.8.1 relating to image size or relating to specific plugins, but those don’t seem to be my problem. I’m only about 30% literate at things relating to code and I do rely on GoDaddy for WP updates, etc. But I am familiar with accessing the files via FTP and editing if I know exactly what to look for.

    Anyone have any ideas on what I should try next?

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  • The symptoms are different from mine, so I’d suggest looking at this:

    I changed my web browser from Safari to Google Chrome and I am having the same issue so I am trying to script debug. I don’t understand how to open “wp-config.php”. I already have one, right? It generates after I’ve started using WordPress? Or do I have to generate one?

    wp-config is generated during the install process.

    Log into your hosting account and open file manager from cpanel or whatever admin tool your host uses. Under the root folder (public_html) you’ll find wp-config.

    Hi there

    is there a final official solution to this issue? we can’t have any pics appearing anymore on the media library screen when we want to attach a “feature image”

    is there a final answer on what is the issue with the 3.8.1 version?

    thks for help

    I’m having the same problem…..get error messages uploading images, but while the thumbnails are not visible the image is there. The issue seems to be contained in the Content area of the page because I can attach and view images to the presentation page of my theme (Tempera) and to sidebar widgets

    vince75016 and glg46,
    I’d post new questions so your specific symptoms and site configurations can be addressed. Though the root cause is definitely a bug in 3.8.1, different symptoms may require a different fix.

    Thanks for the advise
    seems that this is exactly the same issue as everyone has and even if there is an error message at the upload process, the pics are still uploading and fine.

    the main issue seems to be like everyone describe at the media library screen where you can order, access and select pics….and assign featured images..which seems to be explained above.

    Anything I should try to fix the issue?
    thanks for help

    on anther post here

    sepruda says “Problem was solved by my webhost. Seems a .htaccess file had been placed in the picture folder. Renaming it, fixed the problem.”

    do we know if this has been verified and works?



    big news….deactivated all my plugins and seems to work no i’ve been able to access the Media Library and set the featured image

    now trying to isolate which plugin is faulty to report it.
    will keep you posted


    Found it

    AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild

    was the one causing the issue and now inactivated

    hope it may help some of you

    I confirm Vince75016 analysis. I deactivated AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild and pb is solved for me to.



    “Add Media” button does not work when working on a Draft copy.

    I am experiencing issues since upgrading to 3.8.1

    I have tried IE, Safari and Chrome browsers.

    I am using WordPress on a MAC and a PC.

    I just deleted my Draft and created “Add” a new post.

    Add Media button works on PC but not on my MAC.

    An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later. soultion please

    I got the same error much times, 99% it’s caused by other outdated plugin. The only solution to understand what’s the problem is to backup everything, then deactivate all plugins. Try them to re-activate one by one while testing image upload till you find the bugged one! Try also using plugin such as DB-Spring-Clean to ensure you removed all old plugin records in your database. Try also moving website to another provider in the end (maybe a test area)

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 34 total)
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